T Agent is a specialized network connecting employers with IT talents. Our talent network comprises individuals skilled at various levels and seniorities, ensuring optimal matches. We facilitate cooperation by identifying the ideal solutions for all involved parties. Successful collaboration results in mutual benefit for all stakeholders in the endeavor.                    

  1. Junior developers are those who are embarking on their career journey, often lacking hands-on experience in web or software development. They are in the initial stages of learning how to code and may require direct guidance or instruction from their peers. It's expected that junior developers adhere to instructions, identify challenges, and seek assistance when encountering issues beyond their current expertise.
  2. Mid-level developers possess the expertise and experience to function autonomously, having successfully navigated real-world projects. They command a robust understanding of industry best practices and have amassed ample coding experience, enabling them to swiftly dissect data and pinpoint optimal solutions.
  3. Senior developers are the architects of software design, responsible for crafting high-level solutions to intricate challenges. They possess the acumen to enact significant changes to a program's framework and mentor fellow developers on efficiency and consistency. With adept communication skills, senior developers can expediently document updates and elucidate the rationale behind their execution of diverse software functionalities.

  1. Registration and Requirement Clarification: Companies register in the IT Agent database and clarify their status and project requirements. Meanwhile, talent presents their current expertise.

  2. Platform Access: Upon registration, access to the platform is granted for both employers and talent. Each can set up their profile page, activating their presence on the network.

  3. Profile Setup and Activation: Both employers and talent set up their profile pages, activating their presence on the network.

  4. Search and Filtering: The platform provides a search option to help with filtering, ensuring that companies and talent can efficiently find suitable matches.

  5. Matching Process: As soon as a job ad is posted on the platform, we commence the matching process by comparing the database with new requests, providing prompt solutions.

  6. Contact and Interview: Upon finding the right match, both parties are notified, enabling them to contact each other and proceed with the interview process.


You join by providing your email address when sending a job to enquire form, or by having an interest in ads posted on our web page, by dropping us a line at talent@itagent.net                     

Considering that we do not ask for your name or your CV, we will protect your indentity up to the moment your skills are invited for an interview. From then on we will do our best to prepare you for contact with the new employer and help you with any legal or work-related issues.                    

IT Agent is providing you with a selection of the best IT companies in the current IT market. Matching your profile to companies who would most appreciate the skill set you have.  Preparing you for an interview, recommending eventual educational upgrades, helping you in negotiating better contract terms during the process, and including you in a pipeline of requests by different employers. Finding solutions for better or more suitable taxation choices.                     

IT Agent employment matching services are free of charge. Connecting you with employer will be charged only to the employer.                    

Participate in the process by giving us your confidence that we will find you a job, and in case you need a small push to upgrade your knowledge to be able to achieve more, be ready to do it. Serve us with correct pieces of information and communication and that would be a recipe for our venture to succeed.                     

Your ad will be firstly approved by IT Agent admin and then placed on our Talent ads page. Companies will have access to the talent ad page and search for candidates of their choice. Our ads are displayed also on the world's biggest employment ad platforms.                    

We shall share our experiences with testing. It is not about what you technically will show but how should you organize yourself to perform during the assignments.                    

We will advise you on what resources you can use to prepare for an interview. As well as make one testing interview before interviewing with the client where will point out to all areas for improvement.                    

Junior developers are developers who are just starting out in their careers and may not have hands-on experience in web or software development. They're still learning how to code and may need direct instruction or guidance from their team. Junior developers are expected to follow instructions, identify issues and ask for help when they face an issue above their experience level.
Mid-level developers have the skills and experience to work independently and have real-world experience in completing or managing projects. They have a strong knowledge of best practices and have done enough coding to quickly analyze data and recognize the best solution.
Senior developers make strategic decisions about how software should be designed and provide expert-level solutions to challenging issues. They can make significant changes to a program's architecture and teach other developers how to be more efficient and consistent. Senior developers have strong communication skills and are able to work quickly, document their updates and explain the reasoning for how they execute different software functions.                    

IT Agent would like to follow up on sustainability checks. Your reporting about your experience in the new company would give us great value in terms of the working environment, promised-fulfilled and everything that is not considered as business secrets.  Our grading would help other candidates, as well as you in case in some time you decide to change company.                    

Sure that you can keep open your channels. If there is a company of your liking for which you would like to work in the future, we will submit an enquire and let you know what you need to elevate to be able to work there. Maybe you will need some time to prepare but at least you will know what it takes to get there.                     


IT Agent is a network specialized for matching employers and IT Talents. Our talent network are best in what they do at all levels of knowledge and seniority. We help by finding the perfect solution for both sides. Fruitful cooperation is bringing us many recommendations and that is our reward.                    

We take into consideration career progression, job security, working atmosphere, healthy balance between work and living, salary and benefits, culture fit, communication, teamwork, and some more parameters when matching talents and companies.                     

By filling out the job offering form or selecting a talent ad, the next step would be to agree on the terms of cooperation and we will secure an interview with the candidate. Securing direct communication with the candidate our work is done. We will make sure that candidate will be appropriate to your needs, in case there is a difference from what you had expected, we will supply you with another candidate.                    

Contacting us at client@itagent.net and agreeing with our terms would result in the start of cooperation.                     

IT Agent provides talent-matching services.                     

Yes, when you will be certain that the candidate is of your choice, IT Agent will invoice you for the talent-matching services                    

Providing us with the required information will help the matching process by eliminating many candidates who might be the right choice by qualifications although not for the working environment or other aspects of cooperation.                    

Your ad will be placed on the talent job enquire page and some of the world's best employment platforms.                    


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